Event tracking not working - (Google Analytics JS code)

Hi guys,

Hoping you can help - this forum has been recommended to me by a friend. I’ve posted in the JS forum as i believe the issue may lie with the JS.

I’ve added event tracking to a website but it’s not pulling through to Google Analytics. I can’t work out what’s not working - i’ve tried adding the event tracking to an a href, to a div that wraps the link, but no joy.

Basically, I’m trying to track clicks of the two clickable areas on this image - the Sign up quick button and the ‘View jobs’;


The code i’ve added is

 onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'archivedvacancy', 'register', 'click', false]);"

In situ:

<div onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'archivedvacancy', 'register', 'click', false]);"><area shape="rect" coords="210,106,468,163" href="/candidates/mydetails.aspx"></div>

I’ve tried replacing the event tracking piece of code with “alert(‘test’)” to check that the javascript is executing, which it is. So i literally have no idea why it’s not picking it up. We’re on the old version of GA and using the old event tracking code, so it’s not an issue of using old event tracking code with a newer version of GA.

Any help MUCH appreciated!