Estimating AdSense revenue against

There is a website →

Similarweb estimates its traffic to be 7.9Million Page visits. That’s is around 80 Lakhs.
It has advertisement parked.

Alone from advertisements, what will be the anticipated minimum revenue?

These questions are very subjective and no one can answer with ana accurate empirical details because there are so many parameters such as niche, incoming traffic geography, etc, but

if anyone in this community has an Adsense website can he share the reality?

Many blog writers say for every 1000 page visits assume 2$ in revenue.

Minimum revenue? 0. Easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

The reality is, you won’t need to worry about this until your site is getting similar numbers; and you should not be relying on ads for your source of income for a site, because it’s not reliable.

You can ‘assume’ whatever value you like. But setting expectations by an unreliable, scaling, system is going to inevitably end in disaster.

Market validation and visibility are driving forces to invest focus somewhere.

I mean… buzzword bingo card aside, AdSense revenue is not ‘market validation’. It’s a secondary result of ‘visibility’, perhaps, but you’ve already got your visibility metric - it’s that page views number you already have and are pointing at.

A page view is one variable under consideration and Adsense revenue is directly proportional to page views, which is a reflection of people looking for such content, and thus market validation.

Noone needs Facebook, but its the #3 visited site in the world.

Adsense revenue is not directly proportional to page views, its CPM portion of ad revenue is directly proportional to the multiplicative value of page views and number of ads per page. Sitepoint gets 2 (or 3) ad views per load, because it loads multiple ads. Does that make its revenue comparable to a site that has 1 ad per page view? What about one that has 8 ads?

What’s the commonality? page views. You’re still chasing a derived metric.

Actually, it is, the multiplicative value as you mentioned is not independent of the page views.
The page needs to be viewed to create a multiplicative index( 1, 2, 3 OR …).


X is proportional to Y(page views, for example), Here
Y can be = to a, b, and c together.

Y = a X b X c

X ∝ a X b X c

X ∝ Y

Mathematically? Sure. Let’s do it this way.

R is the Revenue.

Your statement is that R is representative of the Market Validation/Need for the site.

I have two sites.

Site A has 4 ads on its page. it receives 10,000 page views.
Site B has 1 ad on its page. It receives 20,000 page views.

Site A’s revenue is R = 4*10,000 = 40,000
Site B’s revenue is R = 1*20,000 = 20,000

Which site has more ‘Market Validation’?

Hi there,

In both cases, the page views are the required constraints without which nothing can be inferred. There are various correlations, but one causality to drive Adsense revenue, page views are necessary.

Welcome to my original point - the Adsense revenue is a secondary (and often misleading!) metric, which is based off of the primary metric in front of you - the page views.

If your original example gets 200 CPM, great for them. but the number itself is based on page views (“per mille”, or “per thousand”, page views). So at the end of the day, the only person(s) the ad revenue makes a difference to vs the page views is the site’s owners.

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Agree, sir, The reason for the post was. In order to further one’s vision, certain visibility is necessary.

I know that, but the focus of the post was to gather information, in case I can get some insight, based on empirical details, how these AdSense revenues manifest based on niche, geographies, page view, and a number of ads parked on them.

How the page views can be monetized through various methods is secondary and is against the intent behind the post.

Thank you so much for the discussion. You are always insightful.

I have an Adsense account and the powers to be decided to withdraw their support for my most popular site. Appeals have been ignored… and I cannot even claim revue remaining because it is below their threshold :frowning:

Although there are numerous Adsense alternatives I decided that the income was not worth the maintenance effort.

Times have changed since obtaining advertising revenue. User clicks are decreasing and it is no longer lucrative unless the site has millions of hits per day.

When was the last time you clicked on an advert?

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Do you mean they terminated your Adsense account? That is the case with many. Many million-page view sites were abandoned by search engines citing some minor issues. I am aware of that, yet there was a specific question in OP.

I still have an Adsense account but web page adverts are blocked. The advert script can be viewed in the web page source, the adverts just do not render.

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According to you what may be the best ways to monetize gossip magazines or websites that have celebrity data?

I only have Adsense experience and cannot recommend alternatives.

I would temporarily forget about adverts until the web pages achieve thousands of hits per day. Achieving that goal is a mammoth task because of competition.

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True. This competition will only worsen in the future.

That could be even trickier. Depending on your country and/or the country of your viewers, advertisers may be actively attempting to avoid having their ads on such sites.

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Your AdSense earnings are affected by a number of factors, including how much traffic you get, what type of content you provide, where your users live, how you set up your ads, and so forth.

There are several important metrics, including:

  • Earnings
  • Ad Views
  • Number of clicks
  • Clickthrough Ratio (CTR)
  • AdSense revenue per visit
  • AdSense eCPM (Cost Per Mille)