Errror uploading Jpeg file since broadband upgrade? HTML?

We recently upgraded our broadband with Virgin Media from 150mb to 200mb since then one of the softwares that we use has stopped allowing jpeg files to be uploaded to our website. Virgin cant help us and they gave me a site called sizzling jalefrezi but I don’t understand any of it! If someone can help fix this issue that would be great. The software we are sing is acquaint CRM

What has this to do with HTML or CSS?

To be honest we aren’t sure. We were given a HTML site from Virgin to take a look at but it makes no sense to us!
So we typed in on google and this forum came up so we are just hoping to find somewhere to get an answer! If you think we are in the wrong place, any direction would be very helpful! Thanks for replying

Hi there beckyt,

well, “acquaint CRM” certainly uses “jpg” images.

Do you have other image formats on the site?

Is it possible that your “jpg” images are corrupt?


Hi there beckyt,

I forgot to ask you to give us a link to your site.


How would that help?

IMHO we need to see the PHP code involved with uploading jpg files.

Perhaps, I have misread the question. :cold_sweat:

I assumed that this…[quote=“beckyt, post:1, topic:217208”]
stopped allowing jpeg files to be uploaded to our website
…was referring to FTP. :sunglasses:


This is what is now happening ^^^^ it gets stuck here when uploading

We have no problem uploading big files! Its just the small ones

I’m moving this to General Web Dev, which seems more appropriate.

(And welcome to the forums, @beckyt .)

Hmmm. odd.
I was thinking it was a memory limit or timeout problem, but that would happen on larger files.

Do the thumbnails have anything in common such as they all were created using the same method?

If so my guess is whatever you did corrupted them.

Try uploading a small file you didn’t modify in any way.

We didn’t change the files, all that happened was we upgraded our broadband from 150mb to 200mb and it caused this problem :frowning: and virgin say they cant help us

thanks :slight_smile:

I can’t think of any reason how upgrading an ISP broadband would affect this. other than maybe a different IP. And only then if that IP was blocked by the site, in which case I would think you would get a “forbidden” not a stalled upload.

Can you try on a different computer that isn’t using your broadband connection?

Ok I will try this, thanks

Also if this helps we got a static IP address with this new broadband

Just plugged into someone elses broadband in the building and it uploaded fine!

So the error is with our broadband but only since the switch! :confused:

There’s got to be some clue somewhere, but I’m at a loss as it doesn’t make sense.
Some of these could be only coincidence, but just the same.

  • Increased broadband
    A problem would more likely be happening if it was decreased, Increased suggests more capability, not less
  • Smaller file size
    A problem with uploads stalling would be more likely with larger files,
  • Only happens with jpg files
    Why wouldn’t there be problems observed with other file types?
  • Problem doesn’t happen using a different computer / ISP
  • Uploading attempts start but stall before completing.
    If it were a permission or blocking issue, why would it start at all?
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Could it be associated with the new IP address?

Possibly as this is the only thing that has changed, we now have a static IP address, they offered us a dynamic one but we were told static was better for our servers