Errorno: 256


I have this error, ERRNO: 256
TEXT: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2014 Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active. Consider using PDOStatement::fetchAll(). Alternatively, if your code is only ever going to run against mysql, you may enable query buffering by setting the PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY attribute.

Please help me what is the cause of this error.

I have installed:

Apache/2.2.11 (Win32) DAV/2 mod_ssl/2.2.11 OpenSSL/0.9.8i mod_autoindex_color PHP/5.2.8

MySQL client version: 5.0.51a

PHP extension: mysql


Thanks! Swapping the dll (mine was only three months older) fixed my problem.

Solved the problem my end! Got rid of XAMPP and installed WAMP2 on Windows 7!!! Was a surprise but I’m not complaining, WAMP feels a little tider to me aswell although locations with regards to config files are located in different places so you’ll need to adjust certain instructions at certain points throughout the book.

Hope it works for you DG.

great! going to have a bash at installing wamp tomorow as well now. hopefully it’l work my end too. fingers crossed! will let you know of the outcome.

that may just work for you, i have windows vista and im not sure if virtual pc will work for vista

i will do, thanks

I was thinking the same thing, perhaps using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 rather than have the seperate partitions. Might work ok?? I’ve simply given up with trying to fix almost tempted to brave Linux shudder.

Anyway keep me in mind should you have any more trouble, might be good to have someone to bounce ideas off with regards to the content of this book.

Best of luck!

im now thinking of buying win xp from ebay and install on a separte partition on my pc just to finish this book off. i dont see any other choice apart from that.
i need an ecommerce site for uni, as part of my final year project.

no im still stuck on this part.

was chapter 5 definetely working for you, on xp?

On XP it was working for me throughout the book, reached chapter 15 without issue then decided on an upgrade to Windows 7, a bit gutted would have loved to finish the book properly.

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if you had any luck with this one yet, if it helps I was following this book without issue using Windows XP, upgraded to 7 and started to get this issue. Followed countless fixes with no results to speak of :frowning:

Anyway let me know.


Also forgot to mention using the latest XAMP Build

are you following the same book? and are you using vista?

This looks the same with my php.ini here. I really dont know why you still have that error. I just replaced the dll file, it went fine immediately.

chapter 5 page 150.

would you take the website and check if it works on your server? just to make sure its nothing to do with the code?

can I ask what chapter in the book when you got this error?


this is part of my php.ini file, the “;” was already removed.

is there any other line i need to remove the “;” on?

It is in xampp\php\php.ini. Just remove the “;” in ;extension=php_pdo.dll

Hi, I am sorry but I am so busy right now, if it is alright I can look at it on the 2nd week of August.

hi ok no problem, will contact you around that time. thankyou

hi im following the same book and get this error mesage?

how do you resolve this? i went to the website you stated and downloaded the dll file and replaced it.

it still does not work.

im using xamp on windows vista.

how do you resolve this?

no im not sure, i dont think i have, how do i do this? thanks