Error with PHP DomDocument

Well I am using the below script to load XML file, but it gives me errors:

$document = new DomDocument;
//error: [09-Oct-2015 02:35:31 UTC] PHP Warning:  DOMDocument::load(): Opening and ending tag mismatch: subcatetory line 4...
<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <category id="1" value="Books">
            <subcatetory id="1">Audio</subcategory>
            <subcatetory id="2">Children</subcategory>
            <subcatetory id="3">Fiction</subcategory>
            <subcatetory id="4">Magazines</subcategory>            
            <subcatetory id="5">Programming</subcategory>
            <subcatetory id="6">Spiritual</subcategory>
            <subcatetory id="7">Technology</subcategory>
            <subcatetory id="8">Textbooks</subcategory>               
        <category id="2" value="Clothing &amp; Shoes">  
            <subcatetory id="1">Babies</subcategory>
            <subcatetory id="2">Boys</subcategory>
            <subcatetory id="3">Girls</subcategory>
            <subcatetory id="4">Men</subcategory>            
            <subcatetory id="5">Women</subcategory>    
        <category id="3" value="Games">
            <subcatetory id="1">Video Games</subcategory>
            <subcatetory id="2">Digital Games</subcategory>            

I checked the syntax of XML and it seems perfect valid for me, but why do I get XML parsing error? Maybe PHP’s XML parser doesnt work properly? Or am I missing something?

Simple typo
subcatetory != subcategory

oh my, this is such a stupid typo. Thanks, I guess I just really need a coffee now. XD

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