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I couldn’t imagine. Even with me spending a few minutes in the lunch line I can never dawdle more than 20 minutes. I always just take a shrt lunch. 1 hour would be such overkill.

If I ate lunch at the same four on-base options every day, I’d probably try to cut it down, too. BUT, you get bored with it, and start going off-base for options. Belleville is only a few minutes away; but by the time you’re done driving both ways (having to go through security to get back on base), an hour almost doesn’t seem to be enough.

But it’s department policy. You don’t have to take your lunch at the same time as everyone else, but you can’t take a half hour lunch and go home half an hour early… unless there’s a situation, and it’s been cleared ahead of time.

On the brighter side - we recently got “Casual Friday” instated. (shrug)



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