Very strange 502 error still

I posted a reply to a thread and sat for about a min reading it after posting. I was then presented with a black screen with a 502 error and I can not remember if I selected a OK button but then had an abandon post message. Clicked abandon and edited up with a box to edit my post!

Things are getting worse - I had a message there was a reply to the message in the thread I mentioned above and I visited the thread where again I received an abandon message when clicking the reply button. This changed into a 502 error.

I know - infuriating, isn’t it? It’s been caused by something in the recent upgrade; fixing it seems to be a bit more problematic.

The best I can do is to say that every single 502 error message I’ve seen over the last couple of days has been incorrect; the post has been saved correctly. So you can safely click “cancel” or “abandon post” or whatever it says, because it has already been posted. (But please don’t sue me if your message happens to be the one where the 502 error is correct and you lose it… )

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Same here, but as often as not, mine is a 503 error.

Then consider yourself special - I’ve not had one of those.

But I did get this less-than-enlightening message:


I just had one of those.

I copied my post, abandoned, reloaded to try again - but the post was there.

very strange, I just got the message box after I saw that this post “took” and was on another topic

It seems to be happening between when the post is displayed and the edit icon appears.

Just happened again now

I’ve been getting these every time I post for the last couple of days. The first couple of times I accidentally posted twice because it looked like the post hadn’t been made.

You and all the rest of us, too.

(Well, I suppose that’s one way to get the forum stats looking good - “Hey, look! We’re getting twice as many posts as we used to!” )

Yeah, we are still working through it. :frowning: I’m still getting them today off and on.

Same here. Let me know if I can do anything to assist besides note that it’s happening :smiley:

Ah, the infamous “Unknown Error


Oh good, I’m getting this 502 “Bad Gateway” error as well. For me, I only noticed it when I switched from my old XP machine using Chrome to access the site, to my “new” WIn7 machine where I now use IE11. I post a reply, it appears straight away in the thread on the screen, but the status line says “Saving”. After a while I get the Bad Gateway error, so I click “No” or whatever to get rid. My comment re-appears as if I was editing it, so I click “abandon”. When I go back to the forum list my comment is there.

I was thinking it was my machine, so it’s good to know that it isn’t. Makes posting a bit of a pain though.


Oh, I’d also like to point out again, the link in the article to the forums to make a reply is broken. I had to go searching for this thread to make a reply.

And because it is getting on my nerves, the reply bug is also very annoying too. It is amazing it is taking so long for a “Ruby Team” to fix this. That was one of the reasons why you moved to Discourse, isn’t it? (Yes, I am rubbing your noses in it, purposely. It shouldn’t be that when I am trying to make a decent post, then I am confronted with such bugs on a professional website like Sitepoint!)

Once someone on the team, who can actually make a difference, has read this, it can be deleted. Or push it up to someone who can. This bug is terrible, because it not only gives me the error, it also mixes up my responses, because Discourse “thinks” I didn’t enter the post, when I post quickly in other threads. A real PITA.


Unfortunately, it isn’t a Ruby problem :frowning: It is a conflict we are experiencing and that’s about as much detail as I’ll go into at this moment. We have the dev team working on it, it isn’t an easy fix and is requiring a lot of time.

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Yeah, I was thinking it is probably more a Javascript issue. Sorry for the poke in the side. Still, this is something one can expect from OSS and why upgrades of such software need to be sandboxed and tested thoroughly, before they are “let loose on the public”. :smile:

Edit: From what I can see, it happens when the polling routine kicks for the autosave function.

If you’d like, please merge this conversation to a new thread or add it to any thread already existing. I am sure others have complained about the issue.


From what they have said before, nothing like this showed during their vigorous testing. This is pretty glaring flaw and their tests would have easily shown this problem.

It wasn’t until the upgrade in the production environment that this happened.

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@s_molinari, just wanted to let you know that I did merge it with an existing topic. :smile:

You are correct. Which is why your post should actually be saved, then the 502 occurs, but it fails to clear the editor (or notify the editor that the save was successful).

It has nothing to do with Discourse (the core code), so unfortunately we can’t blame them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And we did. Our staging environment didn’t have this issue when the staff (forum staff) were doing their testing. Once the issue was present on Production, I was able to reproduce a few of the issues on Staging, but not all of them. Hence why it is taking a while to fix. It isn’t a glaringly obvious issue.

Be rest assured, we’re taking action to help mitigate this future going.

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Oh. Doh!

Ok. Well, then I would just like to suggest, put some coffee and pizza in front of the devs and tell them they can have it, once the problem is fixed. LOL! :smiley:

I also wonder what can be so different between the live and test systems, that this issue only pops up in the live system.


I like how you think! :smile:

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Give them some options. I’m sure a few devs out there would prefer churros.