Error message?

Good morning,

I’m a novice and I don’t see my mistake, he tells me that it’s the “;” that’s the problem.

Do you have an idea ?

    if (password_verify($pass_encrypt, $row['passowrd']){
        $_SESSION['login_username'] = $row['username'];    
        echo 1;  
    } else {
        echo 0;

} else {



You’re missing a closing parenthesis on the if statement here. Also “passowrd” might be misspelled, but that’s a different problem.

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that’s good, thank you

Another possible issue, but it may just be how you named your variable: $pass_encrypt.
When you use password_verify() the first parameter should be the plain password as entered by the user in the login form, not an encrypted version. The encrypted password from the database is the second parameter, as you have it.