Error message when activate Jetpack plugin: “Access denied for user ”@’localhost'”

After years of using it, the Jetpack plugin we had suddenly disappeared from our WordPress. Extremely bizarre. So we’ve reinstalled it (using FTP, as wouldn’t install otherwise as folder already existed).

Whenever we try to activate it, it says:

“Access denied for user ”@’localhost’ (using password: NO) on line: 1471″

This appears at

Why is this error message appearing? How can we activate Jetpack please?

We’re using the latest version of WordPress and all our other plugins are up-to-date.

Thank you.

Have you checked that your version of WP and that of the plugin are compatible?

Also make sure there are no stray files in the plugins folder from the old Jetpack.

Thank you for the feedback.

Yes, they are made by the same company and are fully compatible.

There are no stray files.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to resolve please? I’ve looked everywhere online, but can’t find any solution.

You’ve kept up with your plan payments?

I’m not sure which payment plan you are referring to, but Wordpress and Jetpack are free, and we have paid for our webhosting for the next year in advance.


Because of the “access denied” I thought you may have been using a paid plan

But if you are using only the core features

Is Jetpack free?
Yes! Jetpack’s core features are and always will be free.
These include: site stats, a high-speed CDN for images, related posts, downtime monitoring, brute force attack protection, automated sharing to social networks, sidebar customization, and many more.

Then I’m fairly certain the “access denied” and “user localhost password no” are a database connection failure.

If you look at line 1471 you should be able to see in what context the error is from.

Can you think of anything you did between the last time you knew it was working and the first time you noticed it wasn’t working?

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Thank you for the helpful response.

I agree it seems to be something to do with connecting to the database.

I’ve looked at the source code of my homepage (“view-source:”) and line 1471 is the Google Adsense code (redacted):

< script type=“#e######ec#e#c##f#d####a-text/javascript”>< !–
google_ad_client = “ca-pub-################”;
/* SideBar Link Unit */
google_ad_slot = “##########”;
google_ad_width = 160;
google_ad_height = 90;
//-- >
< /script>

Spaces added to the tags by me deliberately here so the code is visible.

However, I doubt that’s the exact code it’s referring to. And the Google Adsense Javascript is used on tens of millions of pages without problem.


If the error message didn’t show a file name, I think the error might be getting thrown from the .../plugins.php file, not the adsense code.

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