Error in wamp

Hello All,

I am getting this error in wamp and not able to work. What does this mean?

One of these reasons

  • Your database info for connection is wrong
  • mysqli extension is not installed
  • Database is not running

none of these can be a reason. i was working on it from a long time. it appears suddenly today. when i restarted , it worked again. but i want to know its reason.

Too many connections. For whatever reason, your application isn’t releasing mysql connections from php. Could be a side effect of the weird local dns delay you can get on windows.Try using an IP rather than localhost in your database connection string. As it’s a dev server and an intermittent issue, it’s probably easiest to just restart as needed.

You could also set a higher max_connections in the mysql configuration file. You shouldn’t get anywhere near the default value on a dev setup unless you’re load testing

Hi… is this a issue related to with localhost only? I am working on website for my university where the strength is more than 10000 students and i don’t want they get this error…

You shouldn’t really be using wamp server on a production server for that kind of environment, it’s meant as a development tool primarily. There could be a number of other reasons why your application isn’t releasing mysql connections correctly, impossible to say without full knowledge of the application.

Really one should not be using WAMP in 2014.

  • If you need to run PHP on apache and you want to develop on Windows then run Vagrant and such.
  • If you want to develop most well-behaved PHP apps on windows just use IIS + PHP. Unless you are reaching into apache in ways you shouldn’t be in most cases there is nearly zero difference.

It 's for sure that your database is crash somehow in that session and then it work again after you restart. In windows, you usually meet this problem if you work in big database.