Error in slider

On a website I am working on I have got an error message in the console. Also a black slide is being displayed whereas I have got only 2 slides.

Any idea ?

It says it’s a problem with jQuery themepunch… and since this is not free and doesn’t have a publicly available API documentation, it’s hard to help you with that I’m afraid. :-/ My guess would be that you’re missing some markup that is required for proper initialisation, but really your best bet would be to contact the themepunch support. You bought that license after all. ;-)

The context for what is failing to be found is:

I recommend that you contact the themepunch people. Their documentation and support system is about the only reliable pathway to success.

@Paul_Wilkins @m3g4p0p

Eventually the fastest way was to use a slider I knew better than themepunch.

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