Error in css buttons

Hii friends,

I am creating css buttons that work well in internet explorer, firefox and chrome. The css buttons are not working well in safari. Safari shows the css buttons cut-off and with the text underlined in blue. Can anybody tell me how do css buttons work well in safari? :confused:

Hi somendra,

I don’t have a copy of Safari to test on, so I’m not sure how much I can help you there.

One thing you will need to do however, is to provide us with an example of the code you have which is not working (we’re not mind readers :)).
Ideally, post the HTML which is used to create the buttons as one snippet and the CSS which you are using to style them as another snippet.

Safari tends to work like Chrome. As Pullo said, please post a link to a live example that we can test. or at least the code for a working example.