Enlarge on hover effect goes badly wrong :-(


HI from York UK :smile:

As a noob I shoe horned this code to get an enlarge on hover effect for images http://cssdemos.tupence.co.uk/image-popup.htm

Now is one of the reasons I’m not getting images to enlarge on rollover down to me wrapping the <ul. an ,li> inside the following div?

#picture-frame {
width: 49%;
clear: none;
margin-left: 1.0989%;

Thanks in advance, any pointer is welcome, just wanting perhaps an approach to getting the demo @ cssdemos.tupence.co.uk/image-popup.htm to work within the framework ive already created,


On “#picture-frame img” you need to remove the width set.

Also validate your CSS - you don’t close that media query at the end.

That will get it showing. A good starting point :slight_smile: .

Hey that worked thank you :slight_smile: I’m using dreamweaver CC but cant see a CSS validator despite there being one for HTML.

Does anyone know a good CSS validator please?


NIce one thanks :slight_smile:

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