Encryption of <iframe>...</iframe> code


I am using Wordpress to post all my articles. There are some articles that have live streams as shown in http://www.sportsbun.com/formula1/malaysian-grand-prix-2012-live-stream-online/

In this link you would see

<iframe allowTransparency="true" id="player"  scrolling="no" width="650" allowtransparency="no" frameborder="0"  src="http://coolsportz.de/iframesmall1.php" height="480">  </iframe>

How do I encrypt this <iframe>…</frame> so that no other webmaster simply copies the entire snipped to his posts and thereby steals the bandwidth?


The way to resolve that is to use hotlink protection on the server to prevent that page from being called from any sites other than the ones you want to allow - it can’t be done any other way and certainly not using JavaScript.


I see some kind of encryption done in http://www.cricdown.com/live-score/live-score-main.php when you click on View Source. This is exactly what I would want.


Open the built-in developer tools, select the HTML element, Copy as HTML, and ditch the script. The HTML code is http://pastebin.com/NH4DwLpV

It’s a publicly available web page, so any attempts to protected it are just futile.