Enable byte-range request on server

How can I enable byte-range request on server? I’m using Amazon linux and Apache web-server.

Purpose it to submit podcast to iTunes.


Is a byte-range request something that iTunes requires? Who is saying that this is a requirement? Is this via an iTunes API?

Likely, more info is needed. This is not a common request so as many details as possible will let us know if we can or cannot help.


Yes! this is required for iTunes to submit podcast. When I’m trying to submit iTunes throws error.

You can search for byte-range request for iTunes. Problem is mentioned everywhere but no solution.


Im having the same issue, though with asp.net and blogengine.net on hostgator… I think byte range can be set in IIS settings… but for a shared plan it doesnt help.

There was this one post about forcing a 206 request http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11978335/itunes-range-requests-podcast-is-rejected But in terms of my situation I wasn’t sure how to apply it.

You need to support the “Range” header in Apache, it should be built in by default I believe.

What version of Apache?

Mine is asp.net (IIS) on a shared server and blogengine.net

Thinking about it again, http://h264.code-shop.com/trac gives a good start at settnig up streaming requests which I guess is what itunes is after. This can be added to both Apache and IIS.