Empty the post_ignore template please

I have several people here on ignore for various reasons (primarily to keep my own smart mouth from going off). The default ignore template has an invitation to “unignore” the user every time they post. I’d rather not read that. I killfiled them for a reason and I’ve grown too old to be generous about such decisions.

The vb template that controls this is post_ignore or postbit_ignore. Emptying the template would remove the post entirely with the only evidence of them making a post being the post #'s in the upper right of the other posts being out of sequence (that and you still have to read whatever other users have quoted). It’s about a 2 minute task and I’d greatly appreciate it.

There is a big upgrade on the way Michael, I will point HQ in this direction to have a look.

K. I just finished upgrading 2 forums to 4.1 for a client - hope you guys have a smooth go of it, though you have far more customizations to deal with than I did (site was mostly stock).