Employee Shift Managment

Has anyone come across a good and easy to install employee management script.

I’ve been looking around the web but can not find a solution that is not convoluted with Management terms and other Jargon.

Here is the situation and the functions I am looking for! :slight_smile:

I have a client that owns a restaurant delivery service. He has many independent contractors (Food Delivery Drivers) that he has to schedule, based on their availability. I need a script that allows his employees to log in, once a week, and schedule themselves for the shift times they can work.

My client will need the ability to set up a weekly pre-defined shift schedule each week, then his (delivery boys) need to be able to log in using an L/P and pick which shifts they can work, this will NEED to be on a first come, first serve basis. The schedule will open on 1 day, for example purposes, Thursday, and close on Sunday night at midnight for the following work week.

Your Help is greatly appreciated!

Hi there, sorry for the late reply - can I suggest my own web software, studiotime, which is designed for the purpose of scheduling and managing staff.

Link is in my signature - let me know if you have any questions.

Sorry this is a bit late as well. It sounds like EZShift would be a great fit for your friend’s restaurant delivery service. It has everything you described and more. Check the site out: www.ezshift.com.