Embedding Images from External Sources and the Effect on SEO

Lately I’ve been looking into some external image hosting for the images on my websites - I’ve got lot’s of images.
I’ve noticed that the embed codes have no similarity to the original file name. Now I’m not an SEO expert, but last I checked the image file name was pretty important in SEO.
Is this still the case? Are externally hosted images something that will harm me in the long run?

It’s not “really” important. It’s another tool which can be used. I would venture to guess that appropriate alt text is probably more impactful than the image file name,


I would definitely make sure my alt tags were appropriate. How about the title tag? Is that still relevant in today’s SEO?

It has an effect, sure. But it’s not what it used to be. Content is king. Good, relevant content is what gets the results (and gets people to stay at your site)

Oh no doubt. It’s all about the content.
I just need all the help I can get.

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