Email with embedded HTML form

Is it possible to create an email with an included html form that can send back data collected by the form?

[FONT=“Georgia”]Yes, of course.

You can do it the out-dated and risky way by having your form’s action be “”. That opens you up to being spammed though, plus it’s sometimes a nuisance for your viewers whose mail programs may launch to send you the data.

The better way would be to use some sort of server-side language like PHP or ASP or .NET to take the submitted data from the html form, process it, and send the mail from there.

Do some googling… there should be a number of free resources out there.


Shaun, thanks but you are answering the wrong question. I’m having a hard time phrasing it which is why I can’t get Google to give me the answer. Let me rephrase.

I want to send out an email with a form in it (the form is in the email, not on a web page) so that the receiver can add info to the form (say name and credit card info) and then send it back via eFax, for example. I want to make the email itself interactive, just like a web form.

Can this be done? Thanks for your help!

Have a read of the article Using forms in email on the Campaign Monitor site, which should answer your question :slight_smile:


It says: “Yes, you can” and “No, you shouldn’t!”


It says that because that is the answer. You can include forms in HTML emails that will be usable provided the recipient displays the email in HTML rather than text but since you will need a form on a web page to link to for those who see just the text of the email you may as well just link to that for everyone - that saves you having to set up your form processing script to allow connections from anywhere rather than just from the one web page.


I’m having a design problem for a client who needs to collect credit card info offline.

Right now they send out an Excel spreadsheet which the purchaser completes and sends back via eFax. The issue is this. I created a new online system for the client, we went live this week, which does not yet include the last part, getting the order and the credit card info.

My client wants me to send something that the purchaser can fill in by typing. It seems to me that creating an Excel spreadsheet with php is overkill and not something I’m willing to do. I have code to send email and attachments and I’m looking for something that would replace the Excel spreadsheet either as an email or as an attachment but something I can create easily with php.

Thanks for your help!

PDF seems right for this.
PDF supports forms in many ways, look for TCPDF or FPDF where the first one seems to have more functions/be better supported and more current/up to date.

Thanks for that! I’ve downloaded TCPDF and started to play with it. Now I have to find out if it does forms.

Yes, example 14 is a form and it works!

Late to the party, sorry – but this is the issue I’m dealing with as well. Unfortunately, the answer given above is incorrect - displaying forms is dependent on the client, and Outlook 2007 (for one) strips FORM tags and FORM elements, so you won’t be embedding working forms in emails - at least, not to emails going to recipients using Outlook 2007, unless their mail client has been modified to allow FORM elements to be displayed and processed.