email template to application main dashboard without asking login credentials to end user.

email template to application main dashboard without asking login credentials to end user.
displaying application main dashboard when click on email template link button in email.

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I’m sorry, but your post is unclear. Do you have a question, or is there something you require assistance with?

yes , this is my question.

You’ll need to be a bit clearer than that. Are you asking how to approach the task?

i just want to send email , for complete your registration form for click here and then after clicking , login my account directly where i left my registration form.

Just do it. Whats the problem? Where’s the code? What should work, what doesn’t? Which line do you found out to be a problem and why?


The user has filled the basic registration form after which we have emailed the User id and password to complete the form.

However the user has not completed the form for which if we sent them the link then the user need to enter the credentials to complete the form.

Is there a way where user through a link we email directly logins and to the page where he can complete the form without compromising on security.

One common way to do this kind of thing is to use a long, randomly generated, difficult to guess identifier and use that to identifiy the user account during the process.

So when the user submits the registration form, you would generate this unique identifier, save it in a column in your database against the new user account.
You now include the identifier as a parameter in the link that you e-mail to the user, for example: http://mysite/complete_registration.php?uid=1ghdh384823hhd1

In complete_registration.php, you can now use the passed uid value to retrieve the specific user account from your database and continue the process.

Make sense?

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