Email News Letter

Hi guy’s

Can any one recommend solution that can send a daily email to a customer data base. with the content being generated from a second database that is updated daily based on a search profile in the customer profile.

For example
I want to be able to send customers a list of all up coming events/concerts from a maintained data base and from that point on any new events added to the database. I want the email to only show events relevant to the customer.

I would like to set customer profile like below.
Contact details
Customer Name -John Smith
Phone - 040000000
Address - Test ST
Email - Test@Test

Search Profile/s
Key Words

I would then have a events data base with matching fields as well as a heading, details of the event, date and time etc. Location. links to book etc etc the key words would search the details section.

I want to be able to send a daily email that only generates upcoming events from the database, based on the customers search profile.

Can any one recommended a solution to achieve this.