Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS


I have used Pagespeed insights on my website http://selfdrivetransporterhire.co.uk and have the following message in regards to things that need to be fixed to increase pagespeed: (Currently Mobile 72/100 and Desktop 89/100)

“Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content”

Now I have followed this blog post, but it doesn’t seem to of made any changes:


2 Questions really:

  1. Changes that I have made with the plugins- will these be recognised by the Google Pagespeed automatically or do I have to wait a while?
  2. Is there any other way I can increase the Page Speed? I do not necessarily want tog et involved in changing code in the php files, but if thats what it takes!

Thanks in advance

Hello there,

You simply have to Minify the CSS and JS files! i see that you are using WP Super Cache… Check the options and compress the CSS /JS files…



I am using W3 Total Cache and I have ticked the boxes to minify the CSS and JS files but it is still happening?

Have you tried any Gzip plugin? If not you may want to try that out first as it compresses the size images on your site which would help it to load faster.

I am using WP Smush it for the images. I was mainly trying to find out how to eliminate the render blocking

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