Elemnts to be taken desiging a web page

i need to develop a web site which will be compatiable with maxmium browsers
currently i have IE, FIREFOX & chrome , will be using asp.net

i had started the layout using tables but when i checkd in IE & FF it was terrribaly miserable . so i want to knw how culd i design a site with comptability in design
is DIV a better choice or tables or anything else

Table layouts for sites are outdated and shouldn’t be used now that browsers support CSS, a better tool for page layout. (It’s better not to mix layout into the HTML, as you get a much less accessible site.)

So, ideally, learn as much as you can about CSS and HTML. And get as many browsers as you can to test on, as you really need to test sites as you build them. You can use virtual machines to run multiple versions of browsers. This is particularly necessary for the various versions of Internet Explorer.

i am not clear as till date i have been using table & divs for creating the page

i have used css for fonts , colors but not for page layout

if u culd guide me to create a page compatiable with all browsers or a link for the same it wuld be quite helpful

the page layout how i need is

company name + logo

                                             link1  | link 2 |  link 3 |.......................

something like

animation 1 | some matter… | login screen
| |
animation 2 |
animation 3

animation 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

animation 5 news…

                        ...news matter in flash......



i hope i am clear . how can i do this without div & tables

something like http://www.rmpinfotec.biz/default.aspx

i have done this with tables but its not compatiblel with all browsers