Elements revealed by page scrolling - advice

Hello guys,
Not sure if i’m in the best forum section to ask this question (fell free to tell me so that I move my post)
I wante dto have your opinion about this :
For your element animations based on page scroll (the kind of trend making elements appaearing or moving when they become visible with page scroll), what’s best to use :

scrollreveal.js or wow.js
that both fire css animations, really to setup but need quite a lot of classes to add in source code


waypoints.js that can with js function adds the classes needed based on scroll, the source code is then really clean but needs more js programming.


anything better ?

Thanks for your opinion!!


Sorry I have no recommendations to make on the above as I have not really used any of those techniques as I am not a big fan on these scrolling layouts. If you mean the sticky header type of thing then I have messed about with some jquery to create that type of effect.

I’ll move this thread tgo the js forum as you may get some better answers there :slight_smile:

I like the simplicity of tools that do one thing reliably, waypoints is the neatest of those options in my opinion.

I’ve found it more powerful adding classes directly to the body, this way you can transition any element in the page when they change rather than tweaking classes in lots of places.