Elementor POPUP Dropdown Menu not Working on mobile

Hi, I have an exact problem as this tread

Basically, it’s an Elementor form in the Elementor popup and pulling international country codes with flags from a plugin.


The problem is that the country code switcher wouldn’t work in the popup until this code was applied in the footer.php

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/intl-tel-input/18.1.6/js/intlTelInput.min.js"></script>
function call(){
         let code = document.getElementsByClassName("iti__active")[0].lastChild.innerText
        document.getElementById("form-field-field_229e883").value = code
   jQuery(document).on("elementor/popup/show", function() {
        let input = document.querySelector("#form-field-field_229e883");

After this code, it works perfectly only on desktop, but on mobile, it still doesn’t work and not even showing the country code

The popup can be opened by selecting the 5th floor and 1st flat on the page

Can you help me out?

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