Elementor Plugin Issue in wordpress

I have a blog on Wordpress on which I have made a custom footer using Elementor plugin. The footer consists of all the links to the websites (sitemap). The issue is that, sometimes, the links are disappeared. You can see the error here on my blog: https://www.howtogalaxy.com/

You can clearly see that the left side of the footer is empty but actually there are links there that are not showing due to some error. Is anyone have an idea about how to remove this error.

I am not a Wordpress persone, so the best that I will offer is a clue.

The “Elementor” plugin

is inserting a class

.elementor-invisible {
    visibility: hidden;

into the first .elementor-element /*see the third classname below*/
withinin the footer container, .elementor-row.

<div class="elementor-row">
    <div class="elementor-element elementor-element-13db815 elementor-invisible elementor-column elementor-col-25 elementor-top-column" data-id="13db815" data-element_type="column" data-settings="{"background_background":"classic","animation":"none"}">

Thus, that first .elementor-element is invisible.

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