Effective ways of preserving Social Media Shares after a domain name change

Were currently moving from a .co.uk domain to a .com and would like to know if there is any effective way to transfer our social media shares to the new domain. I have tried an approach that suggests adding a 301 from the old domain then modifying my template to set the “data-href” value of the facebook link (on the new site) to still use the old domain (in the url) and that approach went to as far as indeed showing the original number of likes from the old domain, however, when I clicked the like button, the count got reset! :eek: Has anyone found a way to effectively transfer their likes and shares from an old one to a new domain?

There is one option, you can redirect .co.uk to .com and you have tried it. You can’t change sharing URL to new one but when people click on shared link they will redirect to new domain which you have redirected.

I’m pretty sure that was my setup when the above happened (original number of likes from old domain did show on the .com but reset when like was clicked). Looks like Facebook needs a feature to support sites that are undergoing domain name change.

But thanks Kevin. :slight_smile: