Effect of Google Penguin And Panda

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How I can remove or minimize the effect of Google Panda and Penguin easily without wasting time and money:magic:

Same as always: produce lots of good quality, helpful, informative and varied content, instead of wasting your time and money trying to outsmart the algorithms.
Plenty of advice on the subject in threads in this section, like my recent post “do’s and don’ts of seo”, and many others from people who know what they are on about.

[FONT=Verdana]We already have a number of threads discussing the effects of Penguin and Panda and how to respond. For example:


Please read these - and any others which interest you - and if you still have a specific question which remains unanswered, feel free to start a new thread. Meanwhile, I’m closing this one as we don’t need yet another general discussion.[/FONT]