Editing an existing nested CSS rule

Hi there guys. I have this page: http://articoli.klayz.com/ where at the bottom I have a Bootstrap navbar. Now, as you can see the brand name is too much near to the left border. So I thought that adding this rule would have fixed it:

.navbar-static-bottom .navbar-brand {margin-left: 5px;}

But this doesn’t work. Any idea?
Unfortunately I can’t just add attach that CSS rule to the div because I use it on other pages (it’s currently a php require).

Hi there Norman,

try it like this…

.container-fluid { padding-left:5px; }


Thank you so much, coothead! I really appreciated it.
It actually works, but I still doesn’t understand it pretty well. So, I add that rule to container-fluid, but… first: I also have a container-fluid on the top navbar and this new rule seems to not affect the nav on the top. Mh, why? Maybe I don’t see it eh. LOL 2) In this case, without considering that I don’t know how to do it really, wouldn’t be better to create a rule only for that specific div?

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