Editing a PDF after exporting from MarkDown


I’m using markdown for the README file, then printing it as a PDF,
unfortunately, the page breaks are not well placed. I’ve thought about using

blank code blocks

to push it down, but that feels hacky. I’ve looked at a few programs that claim to be PDF editors, but it’s more about annotating notes over them, rather than actually changing them, even if it is just moving the page breaks.
So, I guess my question is what technique would you recommend?
Maybe we’re not supposed to argue over particular programs to be used, but maybe other keywords besides ‘editing’ that would allow me to actually move the page breaks… headed back to put ‘page breaks’ in the search filter.

Another option would be to import the text un/formatted to html and style it with css.

That was actually the original purpose with styling. Check out “CSS For Publishing”: http://css4.pub/

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That makes sense… and actually helps with another use case I’ve been considering. Thanks

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