Edit Permalinks for Posts


I dont see the edit permalinks for a particular post on my dashboard, where can I edit link?


the phrase ‘edit permalink’ sort of strikes me as a oxymoron.
The idea is it’s permanent, right?


Why not try to click on the Menu beside the “i inside the circle”?


lol na man you can edit them…


So you do see the permalink edit box in other posts? oO Because that link looks like you checked “plain” in the permalink settings, which is just the post ID as a query parameter (which you cannot change). So try going to Settings -> Permalinks, check “custom structure” and save. Note that this will recreate your .htaccess file, so if you have made any manual additions here you may have to apply them again afterwards (at least inside the “WordPress” block, I’m not sure offhand).

If you’re using nginx OTOH see here for details.