Edit multiple videos simultaneously

I have about a hundred videos that are already made. Now, I need to add a 5-second intro and outro to all of them.
Is there a software I can use to do that in one go? A software that does it automatically instead of me having to do it one by one?

I know of Adobe products but I’m sure that there’s something out there that can suit you if you don’t use Adobe. I never tried to do this with Adobe Photoshop but the exteded version has some video capabilities and I do think is possible. Therefore, I think that Adobe Premier will be able to do it easily.

Regarding free or cheap video editors… I can’t tell but I think that with some scripting it should be possible yet not very intuitive for the non-programmer

can anyone help me with what script to use to make this action possible? and exactly how to go about it.
i have no programming knowledge.
thank you thank you for the response!!!

That depends on the softaware you want to use to do scripting. Maybe there’s something out there already done.