Ebb and Flow of forums


It is probably as old as time itself, but I have been thinking about the ebb and flow of forum popularity.

It seems to me that FP (form popularity) is a lot like rivers or trees. In dry years rivers shrink and are sustained only by rain and rising the level of lakes that act as the stabilizing force of rivers.

The same is true for trees, that are masterful at surviving with very little foliage. They strip back their leaves and are supported by their strongest, deepest roots and their best, most well positioned leaves. Some trees, last centuries this way; in some years they flourish and grow and other years they are simple supported by these strongest of roots and leaves.

Sounds like FP doesn’t it :apart:?


could you reduce the foozle on that comment, please?

or were you just giving way to your inner tree?

want a hug?


I will try to temper the foozle… I hoped to give hope to those losing faith in forums… I guess I failed at conveying my sense of optimism :frowning:

Yes after posting it and not being to edit or delete it, I realized that it may sound a little too deep and too much inner thoughts :slight_smile:

If you want delete it to completely remove this foozle!


To me, it seems that you think that FP follows a sinusoidal curve of popularity where popularity is on the y-axis and time is on the x-axis…is anyone reminded of Dead Poet’s Society?


I would say that this is quite accurate. Thanks!

Everything goes up and down, we have seen a lot in the past or history. Everything has its life span, there are humble and glorious times. Just be cool!

I completely agree with you @ServerStorm; and it affects me more than most… my job rides on the popularity of this forum!

Yes Hawk, an unenviable position to be in the present. For my part I favour this forum over all others. There also seems to be a lot of new members and some considerably knowledgeable people here, so I hope each stays and provides the support and basis of new growth here.