EasyUI datagrid url not fetching data from table

my model


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class User_model extends CI_Model{

  public function get_user($offset,$limit,$q=''){

    $sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE 1=1 ";

        $sql .=" AND name LIKE '%{$q}%' ";
    $result['count'] = $this->db->query($sql)->num_rows();
    $sql .=" LIMIT {$offset},{$limit} ";
    $result['data'] = $this->db->query($sql)->result();

    return $result ;



class User extends CI_Controller{

public function __construct(){


    //load the model
   // $this->load->model('user_model'); 

//load user view
public function index(){


//get data for datagrid
public function get_user(){

    /*Default request pager params dari jeasyUI*/
    $offset = isset($_POST['page']) ? intval($_POST['page']) : 1;
    $limit  = isset($_POST['rows']) ? intval($_POST['rows']) : 10;
    $search = isset($_POST['search']) ? $_POST['search'] : '';
    $offset = ($offset-1)*$limit;
    $data   = $this->user_model->get_user($offset,$limit,$search);
    $i  = 0;
    $rows   = array(); 
    foreach ($data ['data'] as $r) {

       //array keys ini = attribute 'field' di view nya
       $rows[$i]['first_name'] = $r->first_name;
       $rows[$i]['last_name'] = $r->last_name;
       $rows[$i]['phone'] = $r->phone;
       $rows[$i]['email'] = $r->email;


    //keys total & rows wajib bagi jEasyUI
    $result = array('total'=>$data['count'],'rows'=>$rows);
    echo json_encode($result); //return nya json


  <?php $url_data=base_url().'user/get_user';?>
      <?php echo $url_data;?>

<table id="dg" title="Product" class="easyui-datagrid" 
style ="width:auto;height:400px"
url   ='<?php echo $url_data;?>' toolbar="#toolbar" 
fitColumns="true" singleSelect="true" 
checkBox  ="true" striped="true" 
nowrap    ="false">
	   <th field="ck" checkbox="true"></th> 
	   <th field="first_name" width="200"  sortable="true">
             <b>First Name</b>
	   <th field="last_name" width="700" sortable="true">
           <b>Last Name</b>
         <th field="phone" width="100" sortable="true">
         <th field="email" width="100" sortable="true">

I’m a bit puzzled - is there a question to go with your code?

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