Easy testing tool?

I want to test my web application . Is there any easy testing tool which saves input data ?

This will save time to test application over and again.

Sounds like you’re looking for Selenium.

Is it possible to export selenium data ?

suppose I used selenium in machine1 for testing one module of my web apps.

my friend used selenium in machine2 for testing another module of my web apps.

how do I merge test recording of these two modules ? which feature of selenium will do that ?

What kind of output are you expecting?

Selenium is just a “If I fill in this, this and this field with that, that and that values and then press the submit button the screen will contain the message ‘Thank you’” sort of thing, and those tests can all either fail or pass; there is no advanced output result as far as I’m aware of.

Let me explain …

my web apps has 5 modules. I want to record testing …so that I can play the same testing later.

But issue is …each module testing will be done from different machines …How do I merge all test records and make a single record script for later use .

What is the best solution ( easy , lightweight ) ?

You can use PHPUnit with Selenium server to test your website. You could then write one class per module which you can share with other people so they can run the test as well. This is pretty much the de facto standard for testing in PHP.
That’s probably the easiest way I know, although it’s quite involved; especially if you’ve never tested like this before.

Thats not my requirement. I want to merge test records from them individually and want to build a single record script

looks like PHPUnit + Selenium is a difficult learning curve .

I want a easy lightweight workaround.

I wouldn’t know anything else how you could do that. Maybe anyone else?