Easy Java question from a noob

Im trying to run a script on my server that i think requires Java. Its a script to export an image. The script/library is called Batik and can be found at Batik SVG Toolkit.

My question, do I need to have Java to run this? I asked my Apache server (ServInt) and I do not have Java installed and they want to install Tomcat and upgrade me from their “Signature VPS” to their “Ultimate” package to give more memory.

Do I need to do this? I have no experience with Java.

It looks like an ordinary Java Applet which runs on the client side, so you wouldn’t need Java on your server, just on the client’s computers for it to work.

I can’t see why you’d need to upgrade your server for that.

You have to have upgraded java as on your server as used has to have that upgraded on his own PC

thank you :slight_smile: