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I’m having some trouble with a website running Easy Digital Downloads and the EDD Software Licensing addon to sell a WordPress plugin. What’s happening is that the site hosting the plugin and sending the responses for activating license keys is giving 403 errors. Therefore, licenses are not activating and cannot access automatic updates.

The settings are correct in admin but am not sure why I am getting the error.

Thanks for your help guys

So this is a 403 error on a 3rd party server? Sorry for asking the obvious, but why is it that you’re asking for help here and not vendor support from the site hosting the plugin?

The code from your site is probably 100% functional and configured correctly. If that assumption is correct, then the only people that can help are from the site hosting the plugin. Ask them to confirm your admin setting values are correct and that your site has permissions to access the service.

Thank you for your response. Am asking on here because the plugin is an add on, not developed by the Easy Digital Download developer.

Yes, the website has permission to access the values.

Well, apparently it doesn’t have permission; that’s what a 403 error is. Your site doesn’t have permission to access the resource on the plugin site using the method in place.

You’re really barking up the wrong tree here. Check the add-on’s development/download page for updated versions. Since EDD has it’s own WP plugin for this, I would hazard a guess that the add-on you’re using has been locked out of the EDD system.

Thanks for your help. Add-ons are up to date. How do I progress from here?

I would consider the add-on you’re using as broken, stuffed. Consider deactivating it in a test version of your site and trialling EDD’s own plugin for this purpose.

Thanks but what I have noticed is that the add-on and plugin are working on local host. It’s not just working on a live website. That’s where I am stuck :smiley:

OK, well the problem mentioned in the activation error is that update_option() is not receiving a value from $license_data->license. $license_data isn’t an object.

Try replacing line 188: update_option( ‘ultimatewoo_license_status’, $license_data->license );

With this:

	$license = ( is_object($license_data) && property_exists($license_data,'license') ) ? $license_data->license : 'invalid';

        update_option( 'ultimatewoo_license_status', $license );

And comment out the h3 Response print_r($response) - all that will do is cause a ‘cannot modify header’ warning.

Thanks again for your help.

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