Easier way to debug a php script

Hi there,

I have developed a php script and i am wanting to debug it its got alot of lines and curious to know is there any program that goes through a file and replace add in any missing tags for example if my php file had this

 function watever()
     echo  this
     echo somthing else

Is there a program around i know zend does somthing like this but i have a project that goes 15,000 lines of code ive gotta debug and its a function file.

any ideas?

Use breakpoints and step though the code. I use Komodo which in turn uses xDebug.
Set variables you want to watch into the “Watch” pane or just monitor the “Local” pane.

This video is for Visual Studio, but all editors/IDEs follow the same basic principles.

have a look at netbeans IDE, I solved a problem like you describe just today. I had a syntax error somewhere within a few hundred lines of code, so I moved from dreamweaver to netbeans, it highlights problems on the left with the line numbers, and underlines problematic lines much like how spell check works.