E-mail list script question

Hey all,

I run a web comic called Alfredo Afro. I’m in the market for a robust e-mail list script that’ll allow me to set up automated e-mails to send out to subscribers that goes out roughly once a week or maybe once every two weeks.

Thing is, it’s gotta select the latest comics and format them in an e-mail.

Does anyone know of an e-mail list script that has these capabilities? I’m not a Linux or Cron Job guru so I’d prefer something a little more user friendly.

Thanks a bunch! :smiley:

There are lots of email marketing software packages out there, do a google search on the term.

Heres one for starters

That sounds pretty ambitious. HTML email is pretty flaky even when hand coded with care, so getting something to automate a complex layout reliably sounds unlikely. Presumably you’d have some kind of regular template the content could feed into?

I won’t be putting HTML in the e-mail - just plain text with a some links and other info. Very, very simple.