Dynamically generating user interfaces

We have requirement to build a new web application - order tracking application. Requirements are as follows.

  1. Our application is just a consumer - not a source system

  2. We have to consume a web service which will provide order details
    (product and milestones for a specific product/ order)

  3. The challenge we have is we have to build a framework which should allow showing the milestone details in the UI in a graphical way

    • Milestone details are dynamic to some extent. i.e. That is there should be no change from our end when new milestone introduced
    • Also there should be minimal / no change when new products introduced

Are there any techniques / design patterns used to build this kind of applications/ frameworks? When a new product us introduced, we should make that product available in the product-select drop down with minimal/no change. Also when an order is searched for - milestones should be rendered and coloured without knowing exactly how many milestones available for that product while doing required validations.

Appreciate your input here.

So this is the most typical task for any web site/app, i.e. when someone adds new topic here it appears on the “New” list with no change in forum’s code.

Your application will query data source and build list. If you want to know how exactly that can be done you should provide some more details on your project. What language it will be written in, where it will get data and so on.

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