Dynamic form creation

hi all,

i have posted this in a different forum but no luck and still have not figure this out

here is the orginal thread.

any issues to my php problem

There’s still an advice open, why didn’t you answer it?

i did now and still not working not sure if its my php code or my jquery code.

Test them independent. Let your jquery get it’s data from a plain PHP file that just echo’s a random string to determine if this works. Log the output to the console, also within the success function.

still did it within the jquery file independalty and still same result nothing.

Can not reproduce. I took the function, put it into (document).ready, fixed some errors that displayed in the console window, targeted a new PHP file in the same directory, made it console.log(data); in the success function - and it displays the random numbers from the PHP file.

In your PHP code, there seems to be several variables (for example $recruiter, $rank, $username and $today) that don’t seem to be assigned a value unless you assign them in the database include file. So if your table requires values and you pass nulls, that would stop the query working.

Please post the results you get with this query.


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