Dust Me Selectors

Has SitePoint abandoned Dust Me Selectors?

I ask because it is still currently one of the only tools that claims to be able to go through an entire XML sitemap and clean the CSS. Sadly, the promise is short-lived because it always crashes during the start of any sitemap I use it on.

I’ve just d/loaded it now. I am hoping to use it too.

I’ve just d/loaded it now. I am hoping to use it too.

Edit: Just used it, crashed on the sitemap also.

Like a lot of people out there, I’m extremely disappointed when one of my favorite or most used Firefox extensions suddenly becomes unavailable and unusable because of a new firefox version. So I’ve decided to re-release this one, mainly because I could only find one working version of it, and because it’s super handy. I’m calling the new version “CSS-Roundup” but lets not kid here, all the hard work and true genius in this product was done by the folks here at sitepoint.com and Mr. Dean Edwards, who originally wrote the script. Hats off to you folks, you are awesome.

Download it from my website here.

Nice work, m1m1k.

Dust-Me Selectors is no longer managed by SitePoint. It never really was to be honest, it was just promoted here, but it was always my product, and it’s my fault it fell out of support for so long.

You can get the latest version from here: www.brothercake.com/dustmeselectors/