Dublicate content issue

I hope you can help me out regarding - yet another - dublicate content question.

I run a travel related blog with wordpress. Each post holds a specific travel offer for a specific destination - eg. Venice. On a monthly basis I would normally write multiple posts/offer for the same destinations. The offers do expire though - measning that the newest post would most often be the most relevant ones.

My question is how do I handle this SEO wise? Obviously I would still like to be found on the old posts but I guess there could be a dublicate content issue and I would also like the search engines to know that the newest post about Venice is the most relevant one.

That sounds like a lot of duplication.

If I were doing that I’d create one entry (post) for each destination. Then publish offers to a different channel and relate them to the destination, where each offer has an expiry date.

That way you only have one destination page for each place (avoiding duplication) and that would show a list of current offers that updates as and when you add them. Any offers that are past their expiry date you could choose not to display them, or display as “previous offers”.

For SEO ranking, duplicate content really does matter. So, you should update contents when offers are expired. Besides, search engines always prefer updated contents.

Hi Bluedreamer

Thanks for the reply and sorry about my late response.

Could you please elaborate on “publish offer to a different channel”? I’m not quite sure what you mean by that.

Thanks again

By “Channel” I mean having two separate streams of data:

Channel 1 would be your Destinations such as Venice, e.g. the entry for Venice would hold relevant/general info about it.

Channel 2 would be your offers, where offers could be for any destination(s). However each offer is “related” to a single destination, most likely you’d select the destination when you publish an offer.

By having these two data streams you can then show the data on your site in two ways:

By location


  • offer 1
  • offer 4
  • offer 6

or by offer

Offer 1 - Venice
Offer 2 - London
Offer 3 - Paris
Offer 4 - Venice
Offer 5 - London
Offer 6 - Venice

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