Drupal Module similar to FMyLife

Is there any drupal module like this?

I don’t know… What’s it do?

Could you please rephrase? I don’t understand your comment! I am looking for a series of modules that could allow a user to type information to a group of people (think a facebook status or tweet) and then people can comment on it

Perfect, you answered my question.

I think you’ll find that no modules are necessary (maybe one…) to configure Drupal to do what you desire but you’ll need to know the ins and outs of setting up your permissions and creating a content type that you might call an “anecdote” or “story” for lack of a better term.

By default Drupal content is set with commenting turned on but you might want to add the vote up/down module so that you can add the voting component. I haven’t used that module before but a good Drupal developer could extend it so that it change the vote up/down to “totally deserved that” or “I agree, your life sucks”.

The trick is making your “anecdote” content type available to site members to create and that’s not even a big deal. You set that up in your permissions.

I’m sure you could spend a lot of time in theming it to look the way you want and configuring/theming the content creation part to look exactly the way you want but in theory, it’s not that difficult.

Does that sense?


Awasson thanks for the insight!

I was thinking of disqus for the commenting section, I’m not sure how well that would work.

In terms of setting up the anecdote content do you have any suggestions? In terms of having a field or a few fields which could be filled out and then they come up below. Where people can then comment and vote on them.

I agree with the up and down voting and the "theme"ing.

Really a simplified likealittle.com is a good example!

Question, in terms of the drupal commenting system. After a comment is posted it is shown as 1+ comment below the article. I would like to have the comment easily entered (do not leave the page) and shown is there a better way to get this done?