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I own


it is an anime site and VERY hard to update and edit my files as it is all done manually.

Now I made a test site in drupal to see if it would be worth rebuilding the site in drupal and I am having a problem doing something very important.

On my site you can see I have things called Account Panel, Main, Information, Media, Fan Area, Donaters and Partners. I think in drupal we would call these “menus” right?
In Drupal I want my left side bar to look like the following the “-” is used to show stuff under the menu

Account Panel
¬Log functions,etc
-About Us
-Link 2
-Anime Reviews
-Manga Reviews
-Anime Downloads
-Manga Downloads

You get the idea. Now here is where I am having trouble.
When someone clicks on Anime Downloads I want them take to a page that has an introduction to the downloads then a list of all the series I have for download. Once someone clicks on a specific series it will take them to the download links for that anime.

Now how do I do this? Do I need to create all of the anime series links and content and then paste ALL of the series links to the Anime Downloads page? This is very long and what I currently do so there would be no point in Drupal. Or can I just create the page and have the page title automaticcaly added to a list in alphabetical order on the Anime Downloads page.
If I can understand how to do this I can do the same with my Information Menu.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this!

First of all enable the upload module.
Then create a content (node) then upload as much files as your requirement is.
Then set the menu of this node as Anime Downloads. (or you can manually edit the Anime Downloads menu from the menu section and assign the new created conten url to it.)
Then save and preview.
This might help you.

Files arent been hosted. I’m simply linking to them