Drupal 7.x and grouping things w/ filters

I’m working on a Drupal 7.x site that will have a “Resume” content type. This content type will have everything you’d expect: first / last name, qualifications, past work experiences, degrees held, etc., etc.

What I’d like to do is create a page that can filter these resumes by various grouping filters. I envision this view / page as having various groups on the page that can be filtered by names, by qualifications, by degrees held, by programming languages each resume lists; whatever.

I’m looking at all this mostly from a perspective of efficiency but also usability, and to me, the best way to do this would be through creating different views that are displayed on the main “Resumes” page and create a “resumes.php” page which is modified at the theme layer to display each respective view on the page. I can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t the best approach, though. Granted, I’d love to have a better approach that would make this more maintainable (or dynamically modifiable, like moving views around easier without modifying code, etc.), but I figure the resumes.php file shouldn’t change very often unless I create new grouping views to add to the page, thereby justifying the approach.


Could you provide an example or mockup of what the page will look like. To me it sounds like you just need a view with filters. Though I assume that is because I don’t quite grasp the problem in its entirety.

I think I understand what you need. Take a look at this video.

oddz, I’ve attached a mockup of what I’m trying to go after here… Basically, I have 3 (N) groups, all of which I use links as a means of filtering for the main content there toward the top where the selected person has their fields displayed. Obviously, there would be a different form of display being activated if one were to select the other filters, like the “Skill Set” and “Employer” links–for these, I’d likely display a set of links in the main area for these). But as far as the “Name” links are concerned, I’d like to click on someone and have only 1 or 2 fields be shown in the main content area. Make sense? I kept thinking to myself that I’d had to do some sort of ajax() call to make this happen but I’m not sure.

(The search boxes would be for people / links not shown out of the few that are visible.)

Apologies if this is somewhat beyond this thread I’ve made. As I’m sure you can tell, I’m still hashing out a lot of this. I figure though that if I can nail down the “Name” part, I can probably figure something out for those others.

One more thing–I wanted to say thanks for finding that video. I can’t watch it right now due to being in a workshop with a bunch of people, but as soon as I have the chance, I’ll check it out. I watched some of it muted and from what I could see, it looked like it covered many of the things I’m discussing with you now in this thread. So again, thanks. :smile: