Drupal 7: WAMP + WAMP Dropbox Sync?

I would like to be able to run the same localhost copy of Drupal 7 from my Windows 7 machine as well as my Snow Leopard machine. One Drupal 7 installation synced between both workstations. Is this possible to do using Dropbox?

I was wondering if I could set up WAMP + MAMP to use Dropbox as the httpdocs folder? And is there some form of sub-version system for Dropbox? I really appreciate how quick and easy it is to sync files, but if a file gets deleted it’s gone forever. So in that sense it’s kind of like FTP… Would be nice to see older copies spanning over the past couple of weeks. Does Dropbox offer a paid service for a sub-version system like this?


I’m not sure why you wouldn’t instead have one remote copy of Drupal (somewhere) and then just access it from both desktops but if this is a must…

Install the Drupal file system on both machines and then use the same database server set in sites/default/settings.php; two sites one database to control them.

You’ll have to make sure that you have the same theme and module code in both systems otherwise you may run into troubles but it should work.

I think I get your point…this would be in order to keep the files updated w/o the tedious procedure or adding and removing.

I work on a Mac as well and used to have windows on it but I removed it so I’m just speaking on what I remember.

From a Windows computer, I believe there was a program that allowed me to see files that were on my Mac OSX install.

However, if this issue is a main on for you, why not get an external flash that can be read on both windows and mac and route the MAMP-WAMP to that same directory.

(As in Dropbox, you could install it on both mac and windows. Create a sites folder, keep it private from other than you and you both should be able to access the dropbox locally…or am I missing your question completely.

Forget WAMP or MAMP. Just create an Amazon AWS (AWS Free Usage Tier) instance for a LAMP server and shut it down when not in use. For testing a micro instance should do the trick and won’t cost you anything for the first year and very little after that.