Drop Down Pages

Hello All,

I am trying to make a website that has 3 menu at the side for example in image attached it has menu1, when i click on menu one to should show all the submenu and the content assocate with it and when i click on menu2 it should hide menu1 content and show menu2 etc and same for menu 3.

Here is link for the code: https://github.com/CodyHouse/faq-template (Please download it on git)

Is there anyone here that can help?

I will greatly appreciate it , thanks alot.

You don’t say what problems you are having with that code.

They are no problem at the moment, I am just trying to implement a new feature and don’t know how to do it.

The code you have linked to is a template, so you need to download it and make whatever changes you need. No one can do that for you.

I just want to add the feature to that template,

So, how far have you got?

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