Dreamweaver issues

Hey all

I have a slight query. I am making a few changes to my jsp page in the code section of dw. But those changes do not reflect in the browser window. I have tried everything. Could someone tell me where I am going wrong?

Dreamweaver is not capable of executing server-side code by itself. You will have to upload the modified file to a webserver running a Java server (Tomcat, JBOSS, etc). Dreamweaver only renders plain ol’ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In any case, you should be checking your site in a real browser. Dreamweaver’s preview pane won’t always show what your page/site will look like in an actual browser.

Pretty much what Force Flow said, although I’d add that you don’t need a server / VPS to start working, a local install of Tomcat will work.

Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity of the terminology.

In this case, “sever” can have different meanings. It can either mean the server-side language software or actual web space from a hosting provider. If you are just playing around with your site, a local install of the server-side software will work.