Dreamweaver CS3 "Files Panel" - File Transfer Tool Icons Missing!

After hours of going through my Dreamweaver CS3 Manuel, I cannot figure out how this change in my Files Panel happened or how to correct it.

I had to change my ftp Password. Afterwards, I checked the connection and it connects to my server. I changed the password in “Manage Site” and only changed the password without making any other changes.

Now on Dreamweaver on my “Files Panel” I can only view Local Files, my Assets (templates and library) are empty, and the “Get” and “Put” arrows (along with the other icons are completely missing.

Normally to the right of the website name, there is the pull down menu that had “Local Files” and “Remote Files” – that is also missing and instead there is only a blue hyperlink there that says “Manage Sites”.

I did notice that before the name of the site there use to be an icon of 2 green folders overlapping each other. Now, there is an icon of 2 computer monitors.

Also, the name of the site in that box did not use to have anything in front of it - it just had “nameofsite.com” – now it says “ftp://nameofsite.com”.

Does anyone know can I fix this problem? Bless you if you can….
Susan (Interior Designer and totally frustrated and unprepared web site builder)

Hi 777snooze. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Hm, that sounds like a pain. It’s always frustrating when this happens and you can’t get back to what you were seeing. The first thing I always do is quit the program and open it again. You never know, but sometimes that sorts things out. Give it a try, anyhow, if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding. I did close the program several times and also restarted my computer. It is still that way. Thank you again!

Maybe you could take a few screen shots of what you are seeing? I couldn’t replicate what you are describing, but perhaps it’s because I have a later version of DW. Perhaps you could restore default settings? Not sure. I haven’t used Dw in a long while.